Sunday, January 09, 2005

New program

I see the Latin American Centre at Oxford has introduced a new program: the MSc in Public Policy of Latin America. Candidates will be able to specialise on Brazil according to the Centre for Brazilian Studies, one of the research centres at the university.

I haven’t checked the syllabus yet (it’s a pdf which always seems to crash on my home computer), but it does show a keenness by the teaching section at Oxford to be more practical. While the MPhil in Latin American Politics is useful for those using it as a stepping stone to further research, this new MSc looks like a good bet for practitioners. It should mean a better profile for the centre in the region as well.

But does it mean that Oxford is able to compete on a level playing field with American schools? Probably not, since there are simply dozens of centres devoted to Latin America there, compared to the handful here. But what handful we do have tends to be pretty good if I do so say myself! (do I have to register an interest as a postgrad student at ISA?)

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