Monday, September 20, 2004

Unlikely to say the least

Contrary to expectations, I'm not in Bournemouth for the annual Lib Dem jamboree. Things to finish up at work this week before starting here next Monday.

But I couldn't let the Lib Dems go without some mention. So apart from my astonishment that we could even countenance forming a coalition with Labour in the event of a hung Parliament (is it really only one-and-a-half years since we voted against them on the defining issue of this Parliament, against war in Iraq?), I popped into the Waterstones near Senate House to see about this Orange Book that's been creating such a stink.

Not that I plan to buy it, mind. I just wanted to see who had contributed. Although they had three in stock the assistant wasn't able to find it. "Maybe they've been stolen or moved to another part of the shop," she said.

Who in their right mind would steal not one or two, but three copies of a series of dry Lib Dem policies?

Well? I'm waiting.

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