Thursday, September 16, 2004

Order! Order!

Why should I bother posting on something that everyone has probably already done to death.

Good question.

But what’s a blog if it isn’t an opportunity for me to vent my spleen.

So here’s my contribution (for what it’s worth and if you’re still interested):

1. Trust the media for focusing on what the officers in Parliament were wearing when they rugby-tackled the protestors on the floor of the Commons: buckle shoes, stockings and socks. So what do they say? Get the police to look after the place. Um, hello? Who are these officers? Ex-army. Damn sight more useful than a copper, methinks. And perhaps they’ll finally shelve their stupid plans to create glass screens and actually grabble with providing basic security rather than grandiose schemes.

2. Finally the right (go on, most of those supporters are all Tory voters) have finally got a lesson in police brutality. All those times they said that the left brought it onto themselves (poll tax riots, Stop the War, anti-globalisation demos, miners’ strike), now they know what it’s like. And as for claiming it was a small minority that caused the violence… Yes, it’s the same at the lefty ones as well. Maybe we’ll now get a little more understanding in future?

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