Thursday, September 16, 2004

A clever move?

Is Lula going to form an alliance with the Liberal Front Party (PFL) in Brazil? I know there are tensions between some of the PFL leadership, with some in favour and others wanting to stay in opposition. But the PFL is like a lot of right-wing parties: they like power; opposition doesn’t suit them.

Anyone thinking that Lula’s left-wing government would be a break with the past must be stunned. I hear jaws hitting the floor among our dinosaur left observers here in the UK.

However, it could be that Lula’s playing a canny game. The consequence of courting the PFL is encouraging splits within the party (today's edition), as shown by the proceedings now taking place to expel one of the grand old names of the PFL, Antonio Carlos Magalhaes. Even if it doesn’t actually happen, it may well divide the party to such an extent that Lula need never worry about a concerted and united opposition again.

We’ll see.

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