Friday, April 02, 2004

Pre-Booking and Samba Beats

From the important to those matters of real global concern: the pressing matter of Brazilian music in London, which I wrote about on the Brazzil webzine this week.

Last night I was on the phone to my ex-girlfriend. She was at Batmacumba last weekend (the usual erratic, hard-to-find times, etc). But shock, horror: it now looks like you can't get in unless you pre-book in advance. In a way it does make sense, especially because the ICA on the Mall is a cramped, small place. Perhaps DJ Cliffy could move his clubnight to somewhere larger, but if he did it would lose the feel and become too big.

On another note I've received an email from the Sao Paulo-based group, Samba.E who play samba overlaid with techno, house and psy-trance. They've just started playing regularly out there but are interested in trying their luck here as well - since I apparently 'know the London night scene'. As if!

Of course it might be fun to try and put them in contact with someone who can help. If anyone's got suggestions, then let me know.

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