Friday, April 30, 2004

Indefinite dispatch service?

I settled down to an evening of telly last night, the first in ages (although I am increasingly developing the sense that I could be better occupied).

A couple of troubling points though: first, who in their right mind ever commissioned the idea of a programme about bailiffs?! Soft and cuddly? Mean and menacing more like! Maybe its an instinctive sense of being opposed to authority, but I tended to sympathise with the people having their cars possessed - although they could have saved themselves a lot of money had they just stumped up the original £50 parking fines.

Second there was the Dispatches report on the Royal Mail. Being a resident of Tower Hamlets, I had almost forgotten the complaints which flowed into the local press last year about dumped, burnt and open post found around the neighbourhood. Last night atleasts one of the individuals who may have been involved in it was shown. But it's certainly making me think twice about sending anything special delivery.

And after having had a Switch card posted to me two years ago which went missing and ran up a few hundred pounds from my account, I've already decided I will only pick them up from the bank.

And then finally to This Week, with Andrew Neil, Diane Abbott and - standing in for Michael Portillo - Ian Duncan Smith. I hope they won't invite the former Tory leader back; even in an informal setting he seemed wooden.

But more worryingly, he seems the kind of man who when confronted with the truth will stick his fingers in his ears, close his eyes and shout, 'I can't hear you'. Otherwise how can you explain his repeated belief that Saddam had WMD despite all evidence to the contrary? No wonder it took the Tories so long to loosen his grip on the leadership.

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