Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Other writings (and shameless self-promotion)

The past few years has also resulted in a few other publications, either online or in print that I've been working on.  Alongside the PhD I've published a few articles related to my research, including on social democracy at both state and national level in Brazil and on left-wing education policy across the region.

Last June Zed Books published a chapter on social democratic education policies in the Ceara and Rio Grande do Sul governments in Brazil in this book, http://www.zedbooks.co.uk/book.asp?bookdetail=4302, while in 2008 I published articles on education policy and the Latin American Left and differences between the Cardoso and Lula governments' educational approaches in Enfoques Educacionales in Chile and the International Journal of Contemporary Sociology respectively.  Unfortunately neither journal has updated their site in years, so once I've worked out the new-fangled (at least for me) blogger site, then maybe I can post them myself.  Until then, if anyone wants a copy, just email me!

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