Friday, July 28, 2006

Massive apologies!

Yes, I've been slack. There's no excuse. More than two monthe since my last posting. But I fear it may continue for awhile yet. Am off to Brazil next week to start my fieldwork, with stops in Rio, Sao Paulo and Brasilia. The last few months have been taken up with preparing for the annual upgrade (passed thankfully), seeking funding for the impending trip and trying to get my part time job completed before I go.

But not to worry, I will be back. Isn't everyone entitled to a break from blogging from time to time?!


Bea said...
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Bea said...

Hi, just discovered your blogg. Hopefully will become a regular reader. Im argentinian, but managed to live one year in Rio (2004-5) and that dream came to an end when I met my english boyfriend. Both tried to go on living in Rio but both lacking a visa it was difficult. Now in UK I miss Rio so badly! Nao tem saudade de Argentina mas do Rio. Sempre vou querer voltar la! So hope to get a bit of brasilian esence through your blogg and views! Enjoy Brasil (I hate BraZil) while over there!

Zan said...


Have you heard about this?

Sorry, but I couldn't use your e-mail for some reazon!

Zan :)

Bea said...

I just cant go any further than the clicking in the logo. Nothing happens then. It seems interesting though. Just now, believe it or not, Im hanging a pic of Guanabara bay in my flat...that's how much I miss Rio!

Housing Boom Gone Bust said...

Glad you passed the upgrade!

Claudia said...

I am from Rio, and now working as a dentist in London for 3 years, and 5 years ago I arrived in Portugal. So 8 years away from my hometown.I miss the smell of the sea, the brightness of the sun, the sunsets...But I love to breathe the peace in London, the freedom of going anywhere without fear of being mugged...There is no perfect place...Claudia