Friday, October 07, 2005

On show

I don't envy them at all. Yesterday I sat through the LSE Lib Dem students' AGM where the individuals put themselves up for selection of various society posts. Having been chair of the same society in... oh, I don't think we need to go there (OK, 1997 and 1998 but don't say that too loudly, OK?) I was impressed at the number of members willing to put themselves up. In my day it was me with three or four portfolios and no one else!

Apparently Jo Swinson is coming to speak in a few weeks' time. She was supposed to come this week, but she was on Question Time last night in Manchester - so I made a point of catching a bit of what she had to say. After all, I did sign her up to the party here. Unfortunately her moment in the spotlight and on my TV screen wasn't her finest hour - then again, when you're third in line to speak on why Turkey should join the EU and the previous two have said all there is to say... Well, it just looks like platitudes really.

But I digress. Back to the cloistures of the LSE. If there was one thing that I found a little troubling about the Lib Dem group was it's black-white perception of society. Apparently we're left-wing and vexed by the fact that the Tories and Greens have more members than us. Since when was political party labels important in a university? Perhaps I've been away too lomg, but was I like that when I was here before?

More interestingly though, was some chap called Clem who wants the group to push a 'progressive' agenda to encourage more working class applications and offers in the School. Really? Who's working class nowadays? And if by that they mean poorer students, exactly how is an offer going to beenough when the cost of studying here will be around £3000 per year, let alone living costs. Is the 'progressive' agenda also going to include demands for discounts?

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