Thursday, October 27, 2005

Bike hassles

This week has been a series of early mornings as I have attempted to get to work in good time to be able to leave at 4.30 or thereabouts to attend seminars down at the LSE and ISA. But imagine my frustration when on Tuesday I walked out of the office in Angel to collect my bike and cycle to the first Latin American seminar of the the term at the LSE and found my back wheel had been nicked.

My bike was locked to one of the stands in the designated bays at the entrance to Islington Town Hall and under the CCTV. There is even a big TV screen showing the location just yards away at reception. Did the staff do anything at all? Not from what I can tell. Apparently it was a boy who got away quick.

Excuse me? Do you know how long it takes to get a back wheel off?

There was absolutely no consolation to be had as I spent 10 minutes trying to get through to the police station to report the crime (so they can collect the CCTV footage) and no apology or commiseration from the staff for what should be a sure area.

Getting the wheel replaced meant walking into the nearest bicycle shop in town with half a bicycle and paying £100 for the privilege of something that should be saving me money but isn't.

To add insult to injury I had barely got 50 yards down the road before the wheel came off. It would appear that paying £10 for labour doesn't mean that you'll get quality service. I'll spare the bike shop in question from being named, but I can assure you I am the end of my teather when it comes to cycling...


Nicole said...

Looking on the bright side, at least the boy only took the back wheel instead of the whole thing... Most of my friends who cycle in London have had their bikes stolen at least once. I suppose it's some kind of rite of passage. :P

Guy said...

Very true. I suppose it's better that it happens now if that means a few more months of trouble-free riding.

But somehow I doubt it!