Wednesday, August 17, 2005

An empty pedestal

Well, that was that. I bombed.

It was all going so wel, my interview at UCL for this PhD on Brazil. I was making the right noises and points and the panel seemed to be nodding its collective head in approval.

But there's always one question, isn't there? And once it's asked the whole think unravels.

"Who have been your biggest influences on your conceptualisation of your work?"

Huh? Excuse me?

Yes, I was forced to think of intellectuals that I had 'looked up' to, or been influenced by. And the answer? Well, I struggled and then claimed I was an Enlightenment sort of chap.

Which is not what they wanted to hear; after all, they want someone who is going to consider post-colonial studies and alternative approaches for this project.

And so the project disappears into the breeze.


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