Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Not holding my breath

Yesterday I posted my application for the Anglo-Brazilian Society award. The Society gives one annual scholarship a year to undertake research in Brazil. Part of the application consists of a 3000-word essay on some aspect of Brazilian culture, history, etc.

Imagine my disappointment when I completed what was proving to be a real millstone around my neck (initially I had loads of ideas but little way of putting them together in a clear logical way), only to discover I was 1000 words under. One of the reasons was the need to strip away some material which didn’t seem to bear any direct relevance to the rest of the essay.

Still, I finished it and will now wait to see what happens. I’m not holding out or expecting too much – I’m sure there are plenty of doctoral students who have written far better pieces than mine.

As for my piece, it was on the challenges facing Brazilians in London – not exactly the subject I propose to study this summer – but one I’ve been interested in for awhile. Perhaps I might put up some excerpts later, when I get the refusal slip.


Psychobabble said...

Hey are you Brazillian? I am going to Brazil in Easter and I wanted to find some bars to go to that Brazillians frequent.

3:AM said...

Surely nigh on all bars in Brazil would be frequented by Brazilians ;-)