Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Hidden London

I received this book for my birthday on Friday and I can't say enough about it. How did I ever manage without it before?

For instance, little did I know that back in the eighteenth century two strike leaders were hanged outside the corner where my local tube station and a pub, the Salmon and Ball, meet. Or that the place was used as a fascist meeting spot during the 1930s. Or that a friend of mine lives a stone's throw away from where Jack 'The Hat' McVitie was murdered by the Kray twins.

The only danger is that I'm already proving a bore to friends and family, having spent the entire weekend starting conversations with "Did you know..." At this rate I won't have anyone left to give me the revised edition for my birthday next year.

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Goldmoon said...

I have found your blog by accident and really enjoyed it. Congratulations from a fellow Brazilian living in London.