Friday, June 18, 2004

Ongoings in Piaui

Since I've now got the bit between my teeth on the 'Oh-my-God-what-are-we-going-to-do about-this-financial-crisis?' in Piaui and the way it might affect the standing of the PT both there and nationally (assuming the media draw attention to it), here's a little update since my post yesterday, having looked through that helpful publication, the Diario do Povo.

The PFL leader in the state assembly is trying to get Lula to write off the state's debt of R$2.7 billion to the federal government, citing its recent decision to forgive Bolivia R$300 million it owed Brazil. This is likely to be gesture politics, to show up the national PT government's failure to come to the aid of one of its own state governors. It's not likely to get far.

Also of worry to the PT administration will be the stance that the local party appears to be taking. Yesterday two of the senior police officers involved in the strike were sacked, prompting a spirited defence on their behalf by a PT councillor. Meanwhile the police today decide whether to go back on strike next week.

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