Saturday, April 28, 2012

Latest publications out

After several rounds of writing and revising, this has been a good start to the year in publication terms.  I have just had my third academic article published, which I am especially pleased with.  It’s in Third World Quarterly and is on the Islamist political party, Hamas, and its vision of development.  I’m happy with it because it’s the first Palestine/Middle East related article I’ve published.  The others have been Latin America-oriented and based on my PhD topic.  Also, it got accepted with no demand for changes, which was surprising.  Anyway, I certainly hope that people find it of interest.

As for the other articles, both are related to my PhD years and deal with education in Brazil and Chile.  The one on Chile is a relief, especially as I was never sure if it would actually be published or not.  I wrote the original draft more than four years ago and the process dragged on and on.

On top of these articles, I have just submitted a few others (either first drafts or revisions), which – fingers crossed – should lead to further publications in the next year or so.  One is on European aid to the Palestinian Authority and the other on Brazil’s poverty reduction and alleviation programmes.  I just hope they are both accepted!

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