Monday, July 11, 2005

Latest article

Contrary to the email which I received last month, it seems the Liberator collective did use my article on the forthcoming Lib Dem policy review. The latest edition has dropped through my letter box, but it's not yet up on the web. Anyway, keep an eye out for it on the left side of the home page here.

In hindsight there may be too much name dropping in it and a few too many ideas for one article. Maybe I might persuade them to let me address specific themes over a given period?!

No, that would be too self-aggrandising!


Simon said...

The issue with Guy's article in it won't appear online until the subsequent issue of Liberator is published, in early August.

While back issues are available on our website, we put only samples of the current edition on the site, otherwise there would be less incentive for people to buy the magazine!

Simon Titley (for the Liberator Collective)

Guy said...

Thanks for the comment Simon. Hope I'm doing my bit to add readers to what is one of the few publications I recommend subscribing to!