Tuesday, December 07, 2004

It's the hypocrisy I find so hurtful...

'Democracy has never functioned as well in Pakistan as it is now.'
‘President’ Pervez Musharraf, Newsnight, 6 December.

Yesterday, the Prime Minister’s spokesman claimed during a briefing that Pakistan was ‘moving in the right direction… towards full democracy’.

Can it really only be five years ago that Labour was trying to score political points of the Tories when Musharraf seized power in a coup?

'The principle at stake is that it is for the people of Pakistan to make up their own mind, and the place to do that is at the ballot box. There will be many friends of Britain throughout Africa and Asia who are dismayed to learn that the modern Tory party endorses a military coup.'

Robin Cook, 2 November 1999

I wonder what has happened to bring both Musharraf and Blair together at a press conference yesterday…

Ah yes, silly me. The so-called war on terror. In this new world down is the new up, left is right and dictatorship, democracy. Sorry, what were we exactly fighting for again?

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